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Care Free Me is built on the following 5 core brand values:



Where we find wisdom, safety and security. 

Care Free Me aims to build a community steeped in the knowledge that everyone holds a piece of wisdom to be shared.

Together we find the whole.



We set kindness as the intention for every conversation.  When our intention is to be kind in whatever we do in life there is a real opportunity to help with a genuine heart.



It is here that you will connect with the real you and harmony will be found there.  

When we find ourselves & our lives are out of balance, we are in a place to search/welcome new ways to bring harmony into our lives.

This is when we can choose to give ourselves the gift of time in’ for ourselves to create space to digest what’s happening.


Listening to Your Body:

It has something to tell you that you need to hear.  The body is always talking to you. It’s whether we choose to listen to it or not. The body is a messenger and by tuning into our senses we can be present with what is real.


Creating Safe Spaces:

A place where everyone can be heard and everyone is valued.  When people feel safe it’s a lot easier to make a change. We want it to be easier for them to make simple changes that nurture their whole self.

When we feel heard, we feel valued. We all want someone to hear our story/our pain and how to move through it.

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