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At a time when Living Well Every Day has become not just a mantra for the individual, it is something that organisations must be mindful of too.

Are you looking for a different approach to manage and attract staff in your hospital?


Caring for your staff coming out of a pandemic may seem overwhelming, but it is possible to have a hospital where staff feel supported and valued doing their job.

  • Are you struggling to keep staff at work?

  • Are you worried about your staff feeling burnt out?

  • Are your staff feeling overworked and under-appreciated?

Mental health concerns among healthcare workers were already high before COVID-19.

The pandemic has certainly intensified pre-existing burnout and stress. Adding complication to these difficulties is a prevailing stigma around healthcare workers opening up about their mental health concerns. Staff may suffer in silence for fear of how they would be perceived as not being in a position to do their job safely and putting other people at risk.

This is where we can help you to start with the basics to care for your staff and their wellbeing. By implementing a simple, practical and tailored wellness programme based on the four pillars of health ~ Food, Movement, Sleep and Connection, we can help you to build a stronger and more effective workforce thus having a positive impact on improving health outcomes for patients. 

When people feel cared for, this forms the foundation to build resilience when working in a highly charged environment.

The programmes are tailored to facilitate space for your staff to support their health and attend workshops to provide simple and practical advice and tools to help them to live well every day.

The intention of Care Free Me is to complement and enhance your hospital’s values and objectives by matching words and actions from your staff and teams to establish integrity. 

Working in the health system in Ireland for over 12 years as a Risk Consultant, I understand people and the associated risks in hospitals, in particular how busy people are and the challenges in navigating ways to manage this. 

I have the solution for you because I understand people risk in hospitals.

I can help you to discover, design and deliver what your needs are for your people and provide tailored sessions for you. 

For example; Care Free Breathing Workshops are designed to empower your staff with the understanding of how breathing impacts your health and is supported with the most effective and practical techniques that can be done anywhere, anytime.

I will help you to “name it” by  identifying the risks with a management plan and what needs to be implemented to sustain a happy and safe working environment.

Some examples of previous workshops include: 

  • Food and shift work – how to fuel the body with simple recipes for work and home.
  • How simple yoga movements can build resilience after a long day
  • Time for sleep – how to reap the benefits of understanding your relationship with the pillow
  • Connection – how do you spend your time outside of work? What do you do for fun?
  • Burnout- how to beat it and feel like you again.
  • Food demonstrations – practical advice on adopting a "food as medicine" lifestyle.
  • The impact of Care Free Breathing & Mindfulness in the workplace.

In 2016, I went to Stanford University Hospital and learned from their 2014 research that “Stress is a critical problem facing many healthcare staff. The consequences include increased employee burnout and decreased quality of care for patients

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After years of working with hospital CEOs, I know that People Risk is one of your biggest worries.

I can help you to discover, design and deliver what your needs are for your people and provide tailored sessions for you.


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