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Hi, I’m Fiona! I can’t wait to help you achieve a happier, healthier life.

My Story

I love to help people. I always have.

It stems from my own childhood when firstly my sister died when I was very young. It affected my mother very deeply and over the years she was admitted to the local psychiatric hospital where she was heavily medicated. Even then, I knew my Mum needed a different kind of help. She didn’t need to be sedated. She needed to feel her grief and have support to help her process that grief. Unfortunately, at the time, the only solution was admission to hospital.

I experienced my own challenges when I was diagnosed with a chronic health condition in my 30’s, burn out from a difficult divorce, working long hours and studying part time.

This experience drove me to dig deeper and understand the root causes of any ailment, not just addressing symptoms and problems at a surface level. It taught me the importance of integrating different aspects of the wellness industry and the medical profession. I learned first hand that Knowledge Is Power and that we can take an active role in our own health and wellbeing.

I qualified as a general nurse in 1998, received an Hons Degree in Occupational Health Nursing in 2001, became a Yoga Teacher, have a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, am a qualified Mindfulness Teacher and the list goes on. You can see a full list of my qualifications & professional memberships at the end of this page.

I want to help people who are searching for answers. I want to empower people through education on how the body works.

For example: if you are experiencing ongoing stress – have you tried some simple tools to feel better?


If you are going through grief – here are some tips to help you.

I want to help people who rely on the medical system for their wellness without knowing how they can help themselves. I want to show people how they can care for themselves more. How they can be care free when they tune into themselves.

I want to show them by taking these simple steps following my programs that it’s possible to live well every day. Working in partnership with our Doctors provides tools and a practical approach to living well every day.

I bridge the best of mainstream & holistic worlds with simple solutions & daily rituals that empower you to live well every day.

I offer a tried and tested methodology, of finding solutions through a network of professionals as well as my own expertise.

Qualifications & Education


2021 Women’s Yoga Teacher Training Earthwise, Yoga Ireland

2021 Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher Yoga Ed, USA

2020 Mindfulness Teacher, Mindfulness Association UK

2020 Natural Chef, College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) UK

2017 International Functional Medicine Conference, Galway

2016 Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, Institute of Health Sciences, Dublin

2016 Occupational First Aid Training

2012 Advanced investigation skills and Train the Trainer FETAC level 6

2008 and 2013 Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Gurudal in India

2006 –2007 Masters in Management (MBA), Australian Institute of Management, Melbourne,

2003 – 2006 Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, AIM Melbourne, Australia

1999- 2001 Hons Degree in Occupational Health Nursing, Royal College of Nursing, London

1995- 1998 Diploma in Nursing, Thames Valley University, London

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